How I’ve Made $570 in 3 Months of Selling on Mercari.

Recently I decided that I wanted to downsize and focus on paying off debt. My first plan of action was to sell personal items that I no longer needed on Mercari. I figured I’d earn an extra $100 but never guessed I’d be close to $600 in 3 short months.

Why Mercari

I like Mercari because you can sell anything. I’ve sold everything from shipping supplies to clothing. If you look around on the app you’ll see people selling home decor, toys and all sorts of things. The app is easy to use and you can quickly get to posting and selling within minutes.

Tips for selling on Mercari

  • Take a lot of good pictures.
  • Write descriptive titles.
  • Provide as much information possible in the description.
  • Accurately describe the condition of the product.
  • Use a scale to weigh your products for accurate shipping weights.

Sign up for Mercari and get up to $30. Here’s my invitation link :

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