Weekend Round Up 12.12

Sunday was our last Disneyland trip of the year!

It’s so hard to believe that the year started off with Disneyland being shutdown. I feel as though the shutdown has made me appreciate it a lot more. It made me realize how much I took things like this for granted. I grew up going to Disneyland and I’m so happy that I get to share that experience with my daughter. There really aren’t enough words to describe the amount of joy I feel just seeing her so genuinely happy to see everything.

We ate tons of holiday foods….although I just realized I didn’t take any pictures so super fail on my behalf but I promise they were all delicious. This picture above was taken as we waited for the carousel. It’s a small world was finally open which was awesome because my daughter loves that ride and it was her first time seeing it all decorated for Christmas.

This might be our last trip of the year but I know we will have many more in 2022 ❤


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